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Section Bolzano
Malga Sella Alm
Family Martin Ploner
I - 39046 Selva
Tel: +39 3200 25 99 25

mid-December - beginning of April

mid-June - mid-October


The old hut, in possession of CAI section Bolzano, has existed for over 200 years and from the beginning has been used as a kitchen for those who worked in the huts.
The family Ploner rents for several decades the hut in possession of CAI.
Hundret of sheeps were kept, which at the end of each season were conducted on foot by the shepherds to Lajen. In the forties the first hikers began to discover the hut, and our grandparents Michael and Maria Ploner and then our father Martin began to work in the pasture. Starting in the sixties and for the next thirty years Stina Schenk welcomed many people with its traditional cuisine and has entertained many hikers with its proverbs. Martin’s wife, Resi, now is the queen of the Sella’s cuisine and she keep on working with a lot of love and diligence.
Working conditions have not improved and no longer met today's standards, for this reason in 2007 with the CAI, section of Bolzano, was built a new one.
Edith and Helene with their team continue to keep the activity.
Today we hold in our pasture cattle and other animals.

For us it is very important to maintain and care for nature.