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Section Bolzano
Malga Sella Alm
Family Martin Ploner
I - 39046 Selva
Tel: +39 3200 25 99 25

mid-December - beginning of April

mid-June - mid-October

Sport & leisure in summer

The Sella hut is ideal for anyone who wants to stop.

In summer you can reach the hut with the car (we have our own park), by bus (5 minutes’ walk from Sella pass) or feet (¾ of an hour from Plan de Gralba, 1 ½ hours from Selva and 40 minutes from the hut Comici) .
Our hut is located in an interesting area, because it allows to excursionists and climbers to indulge themselves in the mountain tops of the surrounding area and come back to us to find something nutritious snack and refreshing drinks.
The famous “Città dei sassi” (city of big rocks and stone) is reached from the hut in 5-10 minutes’ walk and offers a large number of route of varying difficulty to climb, even of short duration. The large rocks are much loved by children, which play on regularly.

The Sella Pass makes with Pordoi, Gardena and Campolongo the famous "Sella Ronda" surrounding the Sella mountain range.

Tip: A trip by car, bike or motorcycle around the Sella mountain offers special impressions.

The Family Ploner and its team welcome you and invite you to stop in both winter and summer.